The startup package consists of 8 steps

that will turn your home into a beloved destination for all visitors. If you want your property to be at the top of booking engines, with multiple 5-star reviews, then contact us for more information and to receive a personalized action plan for your own apartment.

Complete checklists

Comfort and convenience in a home are probably the most important qualities when looking for a rental property. Our team makes sure that your own properties will never run out of these. More specifically, our company applies the method of checking your property by using the “equipment audit”. Through this audit, we can check your property and ensure that no necessary consumables or equipment items are missing. This process is undertaken by our experienced team, which writes down what is missing and needs to be added, but also what optional addition can be made to make sure that your space is always first in the preferences of prospective guests.

Equipment – property decoration

Once the process of tracking both the consumables and the equipment that is missing, through the checklist, then we discuss with you all the issues and shortcomings that may have arisen. Following this, our company, in collaboration with its wide network of partners, can handle all the purchases and installation of the necessary equipment and consumables, all in discounted prices provided by our partners exclusively for our company.

Complete property inventory tracking

One of the most basic principles of our company is to provide security to both the owner who wants to work with us, and our customers. Necessary to achieve this, is the complete tracking of the inventory of your property before renting and during. Before the start of the rent, we undertake to visit your property, photoshoot it and write down in our inventory list everything that is necessary to be noted. This inspection happens every year during the rental, or with any add or change, thus enabling the landlord to know the changes or damages that may occur in his property.

Professional photography

Professional photography will help you stand out! According to surveys, photos of your property are one of the top reasons why guests choose to book. Our company assures you that, thanks to our experienced photographers, the true beauty of your property will be captured with images that will emphasize its strong features such as its bright spots, its unique layout, the modern or vintage furniture, which will all set you apart from the competition, so that visitors know immediately that your home is the best choice.

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Listing in two languages

After all the previous steps have been completed, inventory tracking, decoration and photography, our company undertakes the listing of your property on multiple booking platforms. Each entry is unique with an eye-catching profile that has a detailed description, written by us. Once we know about goals, we will create a listing strategy for each rental platform to attract the ideal visitors. Our team makes sure to take advantage of the capabilities of each platform, so that a listing operates at its maximum potential. Our listings are always created in two languages, to serve both your Greek and English-speaking visitors.

Apartment and area guides

One of the reasons that our company has stood out among others, is its initiative to write and provide guides both for the rental properties themselves and for the area where they are located. More specifically, our team undertakes to provide your guests with printed guides that contain all the necessary instructions for your home equipment. We also provide a separate printed guide, which contains a lot of useful information about the area in which the house is located, allowing visitors to learn the nearest shops (super markets, fruit shops, pharmacies, etc.), services, transportation stations, sports venues, bars and much more. These guides are always written in two languages, in order to serve both your Greek and English-speaking visitors and are available in both electronic and printed form.

Liability insurance

Insurance is one of the most important requirements for homeowners when it comes to renting out their house. Since someone else resides in your property instead of you and because we are taking into account your own concerns, The Hostmaster has taken care to provide liability insurance, which covers up to €1,000,000 for any injuries or bodily injuries.

Installation of an automatic Check-in system

The Hostmaster is collaborating with a company that provides a unique and modern automatic door control system, which can be installed in your apartment. Thanks to the installation of an automatic Check-in system, your guest can enter your home with only one code (PIN) which he is required to enter in the input device upon his arrival, while then he finds inside the apartment the entrance card that he will use during his stay. Thus, there is no fear of losing or copying keys, providing flexibility and security to the resident. The control and determination of the security code as well as the cards is done by us, giving us the possibility to give remote access even to the cleaning crews and the technicians. In cases where such a device installation is not necessary, we can install a Lockbox providing a safe storage of your keys and convenience for your customers.

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