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Founded in 2008, in Greece this phenomenon has been flourishing in recent years at a rapidly evolving pace. Specifically, in Athens, you have the option to rent many apartments located near the historic center of the city and also in the surrounding areas. Airbnb properties extend throughout Athens, with the most popular areas being: Plaka, Exarchia, Koukaki, Pagrati, Ampelokipi, the Acropolis and Thissio.

Nevertheless, every corner of Athens hides its own beauty, and there are many customers looking for accommodation in areas away from the intense urban life. At Hostmaster we can handle your property, no matter its location.

We are already active in many areas of Athens.


Kerameikos is a district of Athens located west of the Acropolis. Today it is one of the most important archeological sites in Athens. Next to Kerameikos is the technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, which operates on the site of the old LPG factory, known as Gazi, where numerous events and exhibitions are held every year. This area is also close to the Line 3 Metro station.


Gazi is a district of Athens, located near the Acropolis. It owes its name to the neighboring gas installations. Gazi is today one of the liveliest recreational and entertainment areas of the Athenian youth, a place with cultural centers, concert halls, restaurants and bars that cover all the tastes of guests and visitors.


Kolonaki is considered the “aristocratic” district of Athens. It evolved especially at the end of the 19th century in a classy neighborhood that we know to this day, with its beautiful neoclassical and modern buildings. One can get there, starting from the metro of Syntagma or Evangelismos. Today it is one of the most cosmopolitan hangouts in Athens, as it gathers expensive shops, many popular cafes, modern crowded bars and luxurious restaurants.  


Syntagma is the most central part of Athens, the heart of the city. Plaka and Monastiraki is only 500m. away, while Acropolis and Thisseio is only a 1km. distance. The green well-kept National Garden, filled with picnic spots, lakes, and resting spots, is located right next to the parliament and opposite the Syntagma square there is the well-known Ermou street filled with different kinds of shops, such as cafes, restaurants, bars and even supermarkets in narrow streets.


The location is pivotal to the Athenian map, since you are exactly in the heart of the city. Psirri has become through the years, an irreplaceable piece of the Athenian culture and civilization. The area, besides being a cultural centre, is also characterised by liveliness and vibrancy that will make you feel the Athenian palm from the very first moment. Inside the picturesque alleys filled with artistic graffiti and the traditional Athenian architecture of Ancient Greece, decorated with small handmade jewellery shops, the cart-postals you have been browsing on the internet will come to life. We can describe the neighbourhood of Psirri as a tender mix of the history of Ancient Greece, its charm, the romance of the Ancient Athens, the palm and the liveliness of the new generation of cultural evolution.

Old Psychiko

Psychiko belongs to the Northern Sector of Athens. It was one of the first areas inhabited around the center of Athens. It is one of the greenest areas with a very good view, while there are many roads where you can see the residents enjoying their walk or a bike ride. It is one of the most expensive areas of the country due to the high architectural aesthetics and luxury of its buildings, many of which are unique in Greece, and at the same time due to the minimal distance from the center of Athens, compared to other expensive green cities. Numerous Embassies and consulates, as well as private schools are located in the Municipality of Psychiko.

New Psychiko

Neo Psychiko is a settlement of the Municipality of Filothei Psychiko in the North Sector of Athens and is until today one of the most well-preserved, beautiful and green neighborhoods of Athens. In recent years especially, the nightlife of Psychiko has been developing rapidly, within the limits of the neighborhood, of course, as they always take care to maintain the characteristic tranquility of the place. So one can find there from Latin flavours to sophisticated food and drink options. As well as for nature lovers, there is the possibility to visit parks such as the Ecological Park of Neos Psychiko, but also the squares of the area. Neo Psychiko is accessible by many bus lines and the blue metro line.


Varkiza, unlike the classic island that needs a boat to reach, has the advantage of being approached in more conventional ways. To this day, it is one of the busiest parts of Attica, because it has been famous for its various functions and its beaches, which have maintained stable blue flags for many years. In addition, we could not miss the area bars in the area, as a large portion of the Attica population lead many kilometers to enjoy their drink overlooking the endless blue.


Lycabettus, one of the highest hills in Athens, is located in the heart of the city and thanks to its height, it offers a unique view of the entire basin from its top. The hill rises opposite the Acropolis, and is to this day one of the busiest places in Athens, either for a night out or to enjoy the view and the tranquility a little further away from our bustling city. The Lycabettus area is considered one of the most sophisticated in Athens and is easily accessible via the blue metro line as well as various bus lines.


Pagrati is a district of the eastern part of the Municipality of Athens, adjacent to Kolonaki. The main attraction of the area of Pagrati is the Panathinaiko Stadium. In the wider area of the district you will find the National Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Goulandris Foundation, the National Research Foundation and the First Cemetery of Athens, while a short distance away are the Athens Conservatory, the Byzantine Museum, the Officers’ Club and the War Museum.


The bustling and lively district of Koukaki has been voted among the 16 best neighbourhoods in the world. All-day spaces with a beautiful design that win you over immediately, neo-cafes, bars, but also commercial shops forgotten by time gather in a district that has begun to attract those looking for an authentic area with relaxed rhythms and eclectic colour. Its most important feature, which places it as the most sought-after, is that all kinds of shops, as well as the historical center of Athens, are within walking distance, while it is only a 5-minute walk from the central metro station, stop Acropolis.


Goudi is a district of Athens northeast of the center of Athens and is one of the most populous and most densely populated areas of the Municipality of Athens. It has many hospitals and many office buildings. Today the area is chosen by many students because it is close to schools and has many bars, cafes and restaurants.


The area of Zografou is one of the eastern districts of Athens. It is located just 4 km east of the center of Athens and is close to the mountain of Ymittos, thanks to which the area is rich in greenery. In the last decades, the municipality has gained a special value and mobility as it has been upgraded due to the reconstruction of the University Campus.


Ilisia is a district of Athens, specifically located on the eastern side of the Municipality of Athens. Ilisia is one of the most densely populated areas of Athens, but it has the famous Ilizia Grove and the green squares of Madrid and Brazil for those who wish to get in touch with nature. The Ano Ilisia area is full of green spaces, so although it is a densely populated middle-class area located just 15 minutes from the centre, one can get fresh air, exercise and isolate oneself whenever one wishes. The area is served by the Megaron Mousikis metro station, whose eastern entrance is in front of the Aeginitio Hospital, as well as by many bus and trolley lines.